The US Open is coming in fast in 2021 and I have to say that it is always a joy to watch. Last year no audience was allowed due to the state of the world being as it is but I have read that this year’s US Open 2021 will be at 100% audience capacity but even at half the capacity, having fans cheering in the stands, the US Open will be lively and vibrant once more. The US Open 2021 will start at August 30 to September 12, 2021. The qualifying rounds however will start on June, 24.

The US Open under the blistering sun

I have followed the US Open over the years and I have always enjoyed the most exciting matches. The US Open has never been the easy one to win but then again which Grand Slam tournament is? Under dire circumstances we see tennis players cheered on by the audience in blistering heat. The US Open is usually held at the end of August until early September which means that there are high temparatures. Which adds to the challenge.

In fact the heat at the US Open can be so terrible that the United States Tennis Association (USTA) has implemented the Extreme Heat Policy, which was used for the first time back in 2018. Temparatures soared from 35.5 degrees Celsius or 96 Fahrenheit if you will that the USTA decided to activate the Extreme Heat Policy which meant that the men could take a 10 minute break between sets three and four. During the match between Novak Djokovic and Marton Fucsovics the Extreme Heat Policy was first activated and both players were very thankful to the US Open organisation for doing so.

“I want to thank the US Open for allowing us to have the 10-minute break, because we both needed it,” Djokovic said on court after his four-set victory. “But we were not allowed to talk to any of our team in the locker room.”

“We were naked next to each other in the ice baths after battling for three sets, and it was a magnificent feeling I must say,” laughed the Djoker.

Other players thought the 10 minute break was a wee bit too short. Said Leonardo Mayer:

“Ten minutes? I would have needed an hour and a half,” said Mayer who then went on to say that five set matches should come to an end.

Despite a working system, will it ever be perfect? For some players that will sadly never be the case.

The favorite US Open Classic Match in recent history

Over the years the US Open has produced several matches that turned out to be very classic. I remember watching Naomi Osaka versus Serena Williams in the finale of the US Open 2018. Naomi Osaka had the crowd booing her and cheering on her opponent while the opponent was the strongest woman on the tour, Serena Williams. I was in awe of how Osaka kept her composure while fighting for the next point. Eventually it was Serena Williams who lost her composure which cost her not just a point but an entire game. While Osaka kept her calm and claimed her first Grand Slam title at the US Open becoming the youngest player since Maria Sharapova won it in 2006.

“It doesn’t really feel that real right now. I think maybe in a few days I’ll realise what I’ve done. Right now it just feels, like, I don’t know. Aside from the fact there’s a lot of press in this room, it feels just like another tournament,” admitted Osaka.

The match was controversial because of Serena Williams’ tirade against the umpire back then. The reason for that was that the umpire caught Williams and Patrick Mouratoglo trying to coach his player.

Serena Williams furiously raged against the umpire yelling:  “I don’t cheat to win, I’d rather lose. I’m just letting you know.”

During the press conference after the match Williams stated the following: “He alleged that I was cheating, and I wasn’t cheating. Then I had a good conversation with him. I said, ‘Listen, you know my character. You know me really well. Like you know that I don’t even call for on-court coach. I don’t even do that.”

Mouratoglo later explained Pam Shriver at ESPN that was indeed coaching his player but so did Osaka’s coach: “Well, I am honest, I was coaching… Sascha [Bajin] was coaching the whole time, too.”

A statement was released by the WTA:

“There are matters that need to be looked into that took place during the match. For tonight, it is time to celebrate these two amazing players, both of whom have great integrity.”

I am kind of wondering who would be the favorite for this year’s US Open 2021 edition. Maybe Betway can help by showing us who is favorite for this year’s edition.

Wimbledon coverage is enjoyable with great commentators and tennis legends

From what I have read recently, Wimbledon is a joy to cover. At least according to legendary commentator Andrew Castle. He makes the case that it is even more enjoyable with tennis legends. And thus starts a great history of Castle’s adventures as a Wimbledon commentator.

Former British number 1 and BBC Commentator Andrew Castle was very happy to be back at Wimbledon last month saying: “It’s just unbelievable to be back”.

One of Castle’s adventures involved tennis legend John McEnroe: “I was sitting next to John McEnroe on the first day and he was just delighted, too. Even off-mic, he was saying how wonderful it is.”

So this is what it is like to cover Wimbledon for the BBC. It looks like a lot of fun. Pretty much like the US Open can be.